Smart Homes

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One touch to Control Everything 


Smart Touch Panels

   the perfect combination of Beauty with Brains!!!



Or Just Use Your Voice!


Turn on the Lights!! 


Ok Google, Play my favorite song!!


Or just a small gesture to set the perfect mood!!

Introducing the Award winning


wireless gesture Button


One System!  Many Applications!

       Smart Android / iOS app

Nice, Clear and a thoughtful User interface makes controlling your home Simple and Convenient. Just a touch is all it takes to turn off all lights before leaving your house. The App is available 'Free of Cost 'on all Android, Windows and iPhones.


Smart Controllers

Now Control your Home, the way you want it. The flexible system gives you the Power to completely customize your home the way you want. Your Home wakes Up with you, turns off appliances when you're not at home and Arms security when you sleep 'Automatically'.


Smart Appliacnces

Your Smart appliances can now talk to each other. Your AC can now shout off when you open the windows. Your Fan Smartly slows down at night if temperature falls... All your appliance act smarter to give you the comfort you always wanted


Smart Lightings

Home Automation lets you control all the lights in your house with just a touch of your mobile phone screen. By dimming lights you will save both energy and money. Thanks to high compatibility of our modules, they can be used to control any kind of lighting available on the market..

How many times have you forgotten to turn off the light when leaving the house? Given the hectic pace of our lives, it comes as no surprise it has happened quite a few times. Now, you have control over every room from any location on earth. 

Mood Lightings

With 3 million Color Shades at your disposal, your home now reflects your mood. Pastel colors help you relax after a long day's work or run a pre defined disco light scene when you want to Party!! 

Whatever may be the occasion Mood Lights help you create the Perfect environment for you and your Smart Home.


Smart Curtains

Now your Curtains know when you Wake Up and open automatically. They close when you go to work and operate accordingly when you go to sleep. With a touch of your finger Control your Curtains and Blinds....

Smart Climate Control

There’s nothing like getting back to your warm, cosy home, especially on a cold winter day. Now you can start the heating and set your favourite temperature while you are still sitting at the office. Using the Climate Control Panel, you can control exactly which rooms will be heated at any given time, and to an exact temperature. Set the heating to a temperature that will make getting out of bed comfortable and at night, choose the temperature in which you sleep well and wake up relaxed. The climate Panel will give you a level of comfort you haven’t experienced before.


Smart Home Multimedia

Now Manage your TV, Home Cinema, Hi-Fi and others, while playing with scenes and associations, changing channels and adjusting the volume, right from the Home Automation app. Now you don’t need any remote other than your smart phone or tablet*.

In addition, all of these devices can be set to react automatically to events around the house. For example, you arrive home and your TV switches to the 6 o’clock news as you walk through the door....


Smart Security

We care most about you and your family’s safety, that’s why we pay so much attention to discovering threats and reporting them. The system will immediately inform you of a threatening fire, flood, break-in or leaking gas and proceed to take the appropriate steps to protect you and your family, such as cutting off incoming supplies, turning on all ventilation systems and displaying evacuation notices. For a break-in attempts,the system can trigger audible and visual alarms, switch on all internal lights and feed live preview from security cameras directly to your mobile devices.


Smart Energy Management

Thanks to the built-in power management functionality, using our System you can monitor the current energy consumption and the power consumption history while being able to spot the devices consuming the most of it . Detailed statistics are presented as clear charts, helping you compare the numbers and estimate upcoming bills.


Smart Tracking System

Your home always knows where you and your family members are thanks to geo localization. When you leave home, the system turns off unused devices, arms the alarm system and simulates your presence to discourage thieves from breaking in. While calculating your return route, the system will adjust temperature and run pre-programmed scenes to prepare for you arrival.


Smart Access

Forgot to turn off an iron when rushing to the office? No worries. Grab your phone, start the app and check. Using automatic remote access to your intelligent home from anywhere in the World, you can check what’s happening, manage the devices, monitor safety, heating parameters and much more.