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Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor

The FIBARO Universal Binary sensor FGBS-001 is a radio module and allows you to connect sensors with binary output of your alarm system, with the Z-Wave network and integrate it into your FIBARO building control.

In addition, the module enables wireless communication between the system and the DS18B20 temperature sensors. A module can control up to two binary sensors and up to four temperature sensors DS18B20. The sensor is designed for installation in the housing of a sensor or another device.

The universal binary sensor may be used if needed wireless data acquisition from sensors. The sensor can also be used in places in the house with high humidity and high temperatures. The main function of the sensor is the integration of wireless FIBARO system with your existing wired and wireless alarm and measurement system. 

Product Highlights:

• can be controlled with the FIBARO Home Center 2 or any other Z-Wave controller

• Compatible with regular and parametric signal lines (Up to 2 alarm detectors can be connected)

• Compatible with binary sensors (can be connected to two binary outputs)

• Compatible with DS18B20 temperature sensors (can be connected to up to 4 temperature sensors DS18B20)

Universal Binary sensor FGBS-001 Specifications:

Supply voltage:

9-30V DC ± 10%


2 potential-free inputs, 1 digital input 1-wire


2 potential-free outputs

Maximum current carrying capacity of outputs:


Maximum voltage at the output contacts:

36V DC / 24V AC ± 5%

Operating temperature:

0 - 40 ° C

Number of service temperature sensors:


Measurement range:

-55 ° C - 126 ° C

Operating temperature:

-10 - 40 ° C

Wireless protocol:


Radio frequency:

IN Frequency - 865.9 MHz


up to 30 m indoor (depending on the materials used) up to 50 m in
dimensions (width x height x depth):
14.5 x 27.3 x 12 mm