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iTach Flex Wifi

The new iTach Flex Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity to infrared (IR) or serial (RS232) components with a device the size of a USB memory stick. Configure your iTach Flex Wi-Fi with IR emitters and IR blaster, or connect the auto-sensing serial cable to control all of your components.

Seamlessly control infrared or serial devices over a network and the Internet. The iTach Flex Wi-Fi provides a new level of automation and control flexibility without depending on line of sight, batteries, careful coffee table positioning, or flaky protocols. This product is certified for use with Roomie to provide compatibility with all supported infrared and serial devices for locations with a direct wired Ethernet port to the local network.

The iTach Flex includes the Global Port. Connect either a single IR emitter, a single IR blaster, or the new Tri-port Cable allowing up to 3 emitters or 2 emitters and 1 blaster, or even connect the new Auto-Sensing Serial Cable that automatically determines whether it should be a null modem cable or a straight through cable. The same iTach Flex Wi-Fi can control any of these scenarios simply by swapping the connector on the Global Port.

The IR blaster can control many devices by placing the blaster in front of the set of devices to be controlled. IR emitter cables are attached directly to the infrared receiver window of devices to be controlled. The 3 Tri-port Cable IR ports are discrete – commands may be sent to each port separately from Roomie even allowing control of multiple boxes of the same type.