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Z-wave iPlay

  •       “iPlay” is a Network audio player which can work as a stand alone audio player or it can integrate with Home automation  gateway.It has a simple web interface for  setup and control. Web interface can be accessed from PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.
  •       “iPlay” is Airplay, DLNA/uPnP compatible hence it can play all Audio from smart phones directly. There are many  supported apps for DLNA and  PnP for Android and iOS. iPlay comes with most popular web radio stations inbuilt, How ever one can add any number of favorite Radio station.
  •       “iPlay” features HTTP API control, using which it can be integrated with many Home automation gateways and Smartphone apps.


“iPlay” comes with ARM processor with 1 GB inbuilt storage for storing Voice Play files.

  •  1 micro USB port for connecting 5V 2A DC supply
  •  1 Sterio output 3.5mm female port for Audio out
  •  4 USB 2.0 ports for connecting USB drive and Wifi adapter
  •  Bluetooth version 2.0  give Auto pairing when powered ON
  •  Low power consumption 0.5W
  •  Linux based OS with open HTTP API’s


  •  Designed to play music and Voice alerts.
  •  Voice Play feature for Home Automation system . Comes  with  most
  •  commonly used 100 Voice alerts , also customized Voice alerts can be added.
  •  Play’s Audio from USB, NAS, Web radio and Network Share
  •  Airplay, DLNA, uPnP compatible.
  •  Many compatible smart phone apps
  •  Http control
  •  Multi room audio
  •  Integrates with any home automation gateway which can send HTTP request
  •  To use Voice alerts it doesn't need internet connectivity
  •  Comes with 40 popular web radio channels, also any favorite internet radio can be added.
  •   Superior audio output quality